"They are awesome sauce!  No pain, very professional. I'll be back!" G.F.

"I just love Dr. Buck and his staff. I don't feel there is anyone who is more qualified to care for me. I know that in my situation God sent me to this wonderful staff. I will recommend this staff to anyone. The compassion and love that was shown, and is still being shown, to me is just fantastic. Words cannot explain my love for this staff. They have been there for me for what I needed. When I called or went in for a visit, I was always accepted graciously. No better doctor or staff!" D.C.

"Dr. Buck and his staff have been very caring to me during my surgery progress. I would recommend him to my friends." N.F.

"The staff treated me wonderfully. I wish I didn't have to leave as I feel I'm part of the family now. They know how to take care of patients and I hope they keep up the good work." C.M.

"The staff in this office, as well as Dr. Buck, are phenomenal. I have never dealt with such a professional, as well as compassionate, staff. I will highly recommend Dr. Buck to friends who need a plastic surgeon. Dr. Buck's surgical skills are A+!"  K.M.

"I have received excellent care from Dr. Buck and all of his staff. I would recommend Dr. Buck to anyone who might need his services."  P.M.

"I really appreciate the care and concern shown to me in Dr. Buck's office from him and his staff. They are all very warm and friendly, answer any questions I may have and leave me with the assurance that all is well. May God bless them."  C.R.C.

"Where else could I go for treatment for my Lipedema?  Dr. Buck and his staff have been with me every step of the way." Name not released.

"I think this is a great place. The office is very efficient and I enjoy speaking with the office staff." S.M.

"It has been wonderful to be treated by Dr. Buck and his staff. They are very friendly and helpful and make you feel very at ease." S.D.